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Rob Olson, MA, RMHI

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, IMH21368

Congratulations on taking your first step! While the first step in seeking a counselor might feel daunting, Rob’s desire is to encourage you and walk with you through your journey.

Rob is an Army Veteran who seeks to journey along-side of individuals and couples. You might be a person struggling with anxiety or depression or at a point in your life with a significant change on the horizon. It could be that you lost someone close to you and are agonizing with the grief of that loss. Or maybe there is something else impacting your life that you want to talk through more freely. Perhaps you are a couple in need of a marriage counselor. Rob’s passion for couples stems from his service in the Army as a chaplain where he had the chance to serve numerous military couples. Wherever you may be in your journey of life, you took the first step by finding this page. Whomever you choose to talk to, congratulations on taking this step.

Rob is available for counseling sessions at our Port Orange location.
Please call 386.405.4128.