Holiday Help

The holidays can be quite lonely and stressful, especially during the time of Covid-19. We are here to help. When you are ready, please give us a call (386.405.4128) and we would be happy to help you with whatever it is you are facing.


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


This is Jeremiah the moment he realizes his music career isn’t going anywhere. He decided to call Open Doors Counseling Network to overcome the bitter taste in his mouth. 386.405.4128

New Beginnings

It has been said that forgiveness has the power to rewrite history. Our deepest longing is to be free to love others, to trust others. Successful relationships require more than just effective communication, they require the effective communication of forgiveness. Counseling can help in that area of life. Counseling can help us learn to trust…

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Family & Change

Change can be hard on a person’s mental health, even positive change like adding a family member. Good counseling helps a person and their family adapt to change. Family members adapt to new life situations at different speeds. One feels the family is moving too fast, the other believes the family is moving too slow.…

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Is Change Possible

If you are feeling depressed is change possible? Yes! If you are feeling anxious is change possible? Absolutely! — The key is understanding that our thoughts determine our mood. In other words: if you change the way you think you will change the way you feel. Good counseling helps you identify distorted thoughts, helps you…

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Adapt to Change

Nothing stays the same. Developing an ability to adapt to planned or unplanned change is a critical part of positive mental health. Some people thrive on novelty and new life situations. Others, not so much. Some people are stuck and prefer their known pain to unknown change. They do not trust what change might bring…

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Counseling For Everyone

We are here to help you or a loved one with your counseling needs. counseling needs. Can you do counseling from the safety and security from your home? Yes! We offer online Telemental Health Services. Can you come to one of our centers for Face-to-Face Counseling? Yes! You can do that, too. We offer four…

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